Dear members, 


This is a rare instance in recent human history when "disruptive change" has not been related to technology;rather it is something from the pages of a book called "Nature". The coronoa virus pandemic has rewritten,at least for the present,the "human endeavour".


First of all, I wish safety and health to all of you in your individual areas of work;a collateral benefit,has been giving precious time to your family that they would have been denied in the past.


Time has always been the biggest enemy of all nerve injuries and more so in case of the brachial plexus. With the resumption of normal work, hospitals are going to see an influx of waiting patients; in quite a few centres they will be competing for clinical attention with malignancies,burns,congenital defects and so on. The ability to work and earn is going to take on a stronger sense in the future. So is it time we declare plexus injuries to be "emergencies" like hand and lower limb trauma-thus pushing them up the triage ladder?                                                                       


Are the format of meetings that we have been used to,going to pale? travel for international faculty is going to be a tricky issue and large meetings probably have to give way to "topical meetings" where each delegate chooses to attend maybe 3 of the 5 days of the entire meeting based on individual interest or clinical need. Higher bandwidth, new software will give a new dimension to virtual meetings,I am sure.


Care for plexus injuries is in finding the right balance between what works the best and what works most often in "my hands". A " whole in one" is the proverbial " Holy Grail " or closer to home " Om " in the field of brachial plexus surgery.


Dr Piyush Doshi,the organising secretary,I am sure,is looking at all facets,given the present circumstances,for conducting the next Brachialcon in Gujarat, 2021 to enrich us academically.


Once again please stay safe and all of us NEED your presence and inputs to take the group forward.



With regards,

Dr. Srikanth R

Prof and HOD ,Deptt. of Plastic Surgery

( Nizams Institute of Medical Science )

Kakatiya Residency,plotno.183,Flat no.303,

Hyderabad -500018

Phone : 9348050093

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